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    Greenwich Assault Penalties

    If you have been charged with an assault offense, it’s important to seek the services of one of our top assault attorney in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich assault penalties can be quite severe. Consequences for an assault conviction often include things like exorbitant fines and the possibility of incarceration. Speak with an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

    Prosecution of Assault Offenses

    In order to obtain a conviction, the prosecution must prove that the accused intended to commit some form of harm or the person took an action that was a voluntary action to create that harm and that the person’s actions actually resulted in some degree of harm to the other person. Once the Greenwich prosecution has proved these elements, the defendant may be convicted  and face severe assault penalties.

    First-degree assault is up to 20 years imprisonment, second-degree assault is up to 5 years imprisonment, third-degree assault is up to 1-year imprisonment, then the probation in a first degree is up to 5 years, second-degree assault is up to 3 years, and third-degree assault is up to 2 years. And there is a potential fine, for first-degree assault it is $15,000, second-degree assault is up to $5,000, and third-degree assault is up to $2,000.

    Enhanced Penalties for Assault

    If the result of the assault was very serious in terms that it caused serious bodily harm, then that can lead to an enhanced penalty. If the intention was to hurt somebody more seriously than just simply trying to hurt somebody and just cause regular bodily harm, that would lead to an enhanced penalty. But the other things that would lead to enhanced penalties are the nature of the person that the assault was committed on, such as a police officer, would create enhanced penalties. If the person was elderly, blind, or disabled in some degree, that would lead to an enhanced penalty, and the last area of enhancement would be the use of a dangerous or deadly instrument or weapon, like a gun, a bat, or some other form of weapon.

    Enhanced Greenwich assault penalties would essentially be just increasing the mandatory minimum of the crime. So, if the normal mandatory minimum is one year, the enhanced penalty situation may say that it is a mandatory minimum of two years and the other part of it is that the enhancement may bump the level of assault to a higher degree. So, a second-degree assault that is committed to a correctional officer or police officer may bump up to the same types of penalties that would be for a first-degree assault.

    Alternative Sentencing Options and Diversion Programs

    There are alternatives for some of the more severe Greenwich assault penalties that a person might expect to face. A first time offender of a second-degree assault or lower could be eligible for a program called Accelerated Rehabilitation or AR. If it is a second-degree assault, the person would have to show a good cause in addition to what they would normally have to show, but if it is third-degree, then the person would be eligible for AR.

    To get AR, the person needs to convince the judge that the crime, although serious, is not so serious as to prevent this person from having an opportunity to use this diversionary program. And number two, that the person is not likely to offend again in the future and what the judge will be looking at is not only the circumstances of the crime itself, but also the history and character of the person involved in it to understand whether this is somebody that generally has been a law abiding citizen and who is not likely to offend again in the future.

    Family Reunification Programs

    If an assault is committed on a family member, then there is a different program called the family reunification program. A person that is charged with an assault on a family member may be eligible for a family violence education program, which will involve them using or taking any number or degree of family violence education classes in order to rehabilitate the person and help them understand better how to control their actions within the family environment.

    Consult a Greenwich Assault Attorney to Learn About Potential Penalties

    If you’re currently facing charges for assault, consult one of our top assault attorneys. Our hardworking and experienced team could help ensure that you do not incriminate yourself or aggravate the charges. Furthermore, we can answer your questions and protect your rights. Work with a skilled legal advocate that could answer questions you may have about Greenwich assault penalties.