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    Degrees of Assault in Greenwich

    Greenwich assault arrests often originate from a domestic violence dispute. Not only can the felony or misdemeanor arrest affect your job and background checks, but it can also lead to a permanent criminal restraining order if it is not handled properly.

    That is why it is critical to contact a criminal defense attorneys lawyers who can advise you on the best defense strategy, help you preserve key digital evidence, and attempt to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Work with a capable assault attorney that is familiar with the different degrees of assault in Greenwich, and can use their knowledge to build your case.

     Arrests for Assault in the First-Degree

    The charge can be considered aggravated assault when committed against a vulnerable individual, such as someone who is physically or mentally handicapped. A person can be arrested for first-degree assault if they:

    • Use a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument to cause a serious physical injury,
    • Intentionally take action to permanently disfigure another person or destroy a body part,
    • Engage in reckless dangerous behavior that could have proven deadly to another but instead causes serious physical injury
    • Team up with two or more other people to intentionally commit a harmful assault, or
    • Use a firearm to cause a physical injury to another

    First-degree assault is a Class B felony with penalties that include up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. This offense would be considered an aggravated assault if it resulted in the termination of a pregnancy.

    Assault in the Second-Degree Arrests

    A second-degree assault, another one of the different degrees of assault in Greenwich, can be committed in a number of different ways. The statute defining this offense, §53a-60 of the Connecticut penal code, describes 7 different scenarios which constitute assault in the second-degree.

    An individual may be charged with second-degree assault for:

    • Intentionally causing serious injury to another
    • Intentionally causing any physical injury to another with the use of a deadly weapon other than a firearm
    • Recklessly causing serious physical injury to another with a deadly weapon
    • Administering drugs without consent
    • Hitting someone on the head intending to render them unconscious
    • Hitting or kicking someone in the head while they are lying down
    • Causing injury to a member of the parole board while on parole

    Third-Degree Assault

    Third-degree assault is just one of the three different degrees of assault in Greenwich. An individual commits third-degree assault by intentionally causing an injury to another, recklessly causing an injury that is serious, or negligently causing an injury with the use of a deadly weapon.

    Consulting a Greenwich Assault Attorney

    An assault arrest could change your life in many ways. Although there are different degrees of assault in Greenwich, all of them do impact a person’s personal and professional life. That is why you should work with an experienced domestic violence criminal lawyer from the very outset of your case. They can try to move quickly to preserve evidence and help you and your family craft the best defense under the circumstances of your case.