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    Steps to Take After a Greenwich Assault Charge

    After being charged with assault in Greenwich, it is important that an individual contact an experienced Greenwich assault attorney immediately. An individual should not get involved in any other issue that would create a concern to law enforcement or potentially result in another arrest. Further, they should refrain from any contact at all with the person that was involved in the assault.

    Importance of Appropriate Action

    Calling an attorney is important to make sure that the person does not make things worse. The incident is already in the past, and the act of assault can not be changed. Consulting with a lawyer will help a person understand what their rights are and what they should or should not be doing in terms of interacting with law enforcement or other people.

    Also, an attorney can inform an individual as to what a person should be doing in order to make their case go smoother so that they do not make their situation any worse than it already is.

    It is critical that an individual does not get involved in any sort of situation that could lead to another arrest, such as committing another crime or getting themselves into any sort of trouble. A person should make sure that the issue is isolated to this one event instead of being a product of more circumstances that may complicate the situation.

    Finally, the most important step after being charged with assault in Greenwich is ensuring there is no further contact with the other party involved in the assault.

    Interaction with the alleged victim can exacerbate the situation and make it worse for the defendant by making the other individual appear to be afraid. This situation could reflect a more severe or malicious intention as to the alleged victim if the person is still contacting and interacting with the person.

    What to Expect

    An individual should expect that their case will be taken seriously, and that the prosecuting authority will be in touch with the alleged victim of assault and will be interested in knowing how they are progressing and what their wishes are.

    The person involved in an assault can expect that there may be additional consequences that go beyond just the punishment of the crime such as lost work opportunities or the loss of other rights and opportunities that might have otherwise been available to them.

    A person charged with assault can also expect that, to help mitigate their circumstances, they should be willing to go to some form of counseling or anger management in order to show the prosecutor and court that they are willing to address any underlying issues. This is a crucial step to take after a Greenwich assault charge, as it can make the individual look better in the eyes of the court.

    An individual should know that this process is going to take a lot of time, and is not something that will go away in just a couple of court dates. It is likely to be a number of court dates that span over a period of six months to up to two years before the case is settled.

    Contact a Greenwich Attorney After Being Arrested for Assault

    Video evidence, witnesses, medical evidence, and photographs that show the physical injury will be collected and presented by the prosecution. To combat this, it is crucial that one of the first steps an individual takes after an assault charge in Greenwich is to contact an attorney.

    Only experienced legal counsel will be able to help effectively reduce or dismiss any penalties associated with the charge. Reach out today to learn more.