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    Greenwich Ex Parte Restraining Orders

    The term “ex parte” means that the judge only hears from one side and does not hear from the other side before making an initial ruling. An ex parte protective order means that the judge could issue a restraining order against a person without first hearing from them. In Connecticut, there would not be an ex parte protective order. However, there could be an ex parte restraining order and that would happen in the civil court.

    If you had Greenwich ex parte restraining orders issued against you, or you need representation to become the protected party, reach out to a qualified attorney. A seasoned lawyer could be your advocate in court and ensure your voice is heard. The best attorneys understand that resolving these cases quickly is of the utmost importance to you and your family, so schedule a consultation today.

    How Does the Ex Parte Nature Change the Order?

    The ex parte nature changes the order because it only requires the allegation from one side, and it does not let the other person defend themselves or show contact if that contact needs to be shown. A lot of times, the judge will issue it based on the allegations of one side and then have a hearing at a later date to determine whether or not that order can stay in place.

    Impact on Child Custody and Visitation

    Child custody or visitation rights may be implicated in Greenwich ex parte restraining orders. If someone applies for an ex parte order and gets one, that order can extend to any minor children that the parties share. That will be the same situation where the court will have to have another hearing to determine whether or not that should stay in place.

    Online Activities

    Any online activities that deal with contact or harassment of the protected person can be prohibited by a restraining order, just like a protective order. For example, it could prevent the respondent from reaching out to the protected person via social media or email. It could also prevent them from harassing the other person. Making a social media post on their own profile that causes any kind of annoyance or alarm to the protected person could be prohibited as well.

    Violence Against Women Act

    The Violence Against Women Act is meant to assist women in domestic violence situations by making sure their opinion is heard in court. It connects them to an advocate who can help the person create a safety plan and give them information and advice about the court process. It also helps to make sure they are kept updated on the defendant’s case so they know what is going on in each phase.

    This law is taken seriously because a lot of the dockets in Stamford – where the Greenwich cases go – are related to domestic violence. The courts want to make sure that the person’s rights are protected but also that the harmed party has an understanding of what is going on the entire time throughout the process. That way, their rights are protected and they can participate as much as they want to in the case against the defendant.

    Speak with an Attorney About Greenwich Ex Parte Restraining Orders

    If you are one of the parties involved in Greenwich ex parte restraining orders, reach out to a top CT restraining order attorney. Proven lawyers have years of experience fighting for the optimum outcomes in court, and they could put their skills to work for you. Get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your situation.