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    Greenwich Police Investigation Lawyer

    If the police want you to come to the station for questioning, you are likely to benefit from the assistance of a Greenwich police investigation lawyer. Legal counsel can protect you from potential self-incrimination and ensure that police do not violate your constitutional rights.

    Should I Cooperate with a Greenwich Police Department Investigation?

    If you are under investigation by the Greenwich Police Department, you may be experiencing a significant amount of pressure, stress, and indecision about how to respond. On the one hand, you may want the police to see you as cooperative and helpful in hopes of avoiding arrest and formal criminal charges. However, speaking with police or attempting to prove your innocence during an investigation can create difficulties when raising a defense to any criminal charges you may face in the future.

    You may also want to speak with the police to find out more about the allegations you face. Police rarely give accused individuals much information about the allegations, often in hopes of keeping the individuals talking. During an investigation, the police may use this tactic to obtain more information or evidence to use against the accused.

    In many situations, a police investigation lawyer in Greenwich may be able to get more information from police than the accused can on their own. This information can be useful when building a defense against the criminal accusations.

    How Can an Attorney Help Handle Police Investigations?

    Police often complete thorough investigations before they have enough probable cause or evidence to support a request for an arrest warrant. When legal counsel intervenes during a police investigation, they may be able to point out problems with the evidence to refute the idea that police have probable cause. If the attorney is successful, the police may not seek an arrest warrant or formal criminal charges against the accused.

    Individuals also may want to speak with an attorney before talking to the police so they completely understand their rights. When police are questioning individuals about possible criminal activity, numerous constitutional and other rights apply. By getting a clear explanation and understanding of these rights, individuals may be in a better position to make critical decisions about the situation they are facing.

    Can a Police Investigation Lawyer Help if There is a Warrant for my Arrest?

    Yes. Even once an arrest warrant has been issued, individuals facing criminal allegations can benefit from legal advice. A police investigation attorney in Greenwich can contact the court to determine the content of the warrant and the amount of bail set in a specific case. This intervention by legal counsel can prepare individuals for the events to come so as to avoid any surprises.

    Talk to a Greenwich Police Investigation Attorney Today

    Police investigations can move quickly, and you may receive a request to appear at a police station or find police officers on your doorstep unexpectedly. Know that you have the right to have legal counsel present with you during all stages of an investigation to protect your rights. A Greenwich police investigation lawyer can be vital in ensuring that police do not violate your rights or use unfair tactics against you. Read what past clients have to say about working with us at and reach out to Mark Sherman Law to learn more about how an attorney can help.