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    New Canaan Police Investigation Lawyer

    Accusations that you have committed a crime can be highly stressful and leave you uncertain where to turn for help. Fortunately, a New Canaan police investigation lawyer is available to help protect your rights.

    Can an Attorney Help if I have not Been Arrested?

    Yes. Many people wait until they are facing formal criminal charges before contacting an attorney to represent them. However, it is never too early to retain a lawyer. When individuals become aware that they a person of interest in a police investigation, they should not hesitate to contact a police investigation lawyer in New Canaan for advice.

    What Are My Rights When Under Investigation by Police?

    You have clear rights when it comes to police investigations. You are not required to speak with police, answer their questions, or submit to a search of your person, vehicle, or home. Police can use anything you say or do against you to support the filing of criminal charges, so remaining silent is typically wise.

    The law poses significant restrictions on the means police officers may use to investigate allegations of criminal activity. When police officers deviate from the law and violate your rights, courts may suppress any evidence that they illegally discover. Legal counsel can help protect your rights so that a suppression hearing never becomes reality.

    How Can an Attorney Help Me Navigate Police Investigations?

    During an investigation, legal counsel may be able to intervene and point out weaknesses in the case police are attempting to build against you. This technique may prevent or deter police from pursuing criminal charges in some circumstances.

    A police investigation may entail many different components. For instance, the police may get search warrants for homes, buildings, and vehicles. They may ask for documents or statements about an alleged crime.

    While the inclination of many people may be to cooperate with police, doing so without first consulting with an attorney can be highly detrimental. Even the smallest details that individuals divulge can lead to police deciding they have enough evidence to file criminal charges. Once charges are filed, negotiations may become more limited, and people cannot undo incriminating statements or actions.

    Consult a New Canaan Police Investigation Attorney for Advice

    A police investigation can be the first step in your life-changing for years to come. Once you become the focus of a police investigation, you are at extreme risk of facing arrest and criminal charges. With a New Canaan police investigation lawyer on your side, you may be better able to fight the charges against you. Read what our past clients have to say about working with us at and call Mark Sherman Law today to discuss your situation.