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    New Canaan Threat to Harm Lawyer

    If someone interprets something you said to them as a legitimate threat of immediate physical harm, you could face criminal charges for threatening that could have significant consequences if you are convicted.

    A New Canaan threat to harm lawyer could help you understand exactly why you were charged with a crime, what that charge might mean for your future, and what your options are for fighting your prosecution in criminal court.

    How is Threatening a Criminal Offense in New Canaan?

    Connecticut state law defines two distinct degrees of threatening under Connecticut General Statutes §§53a-61aa and 53a-62. The simpler of the two, threatening in the second degree, involves someone making a physical verbal threat with the intent of alarming, terrorizing, or placing another person in fear of imminent harm. First-degree threatening entails making a threat involving the use of a hazardous or explosive substance to prompt the evacuation of a building or terrorize another person or group of people.

    Both forms of threatening can have enhanced penalties upon conviction if they are directed against certain people or places. For example, second-degree threatening is usually a class A misdemeanor, but it can be enhanced to a class D felony if the person threatened is inside a church or other place of religious worship, community center associated with a particular religion, day care facility, or educational facility.

    Ultimately, this means that the criminal consequences for a threat to harm can vary wildly depending on the circumstances, from less than a year in jail to a maximum of ten years in state prison. A knowledgeable New Canaan threatening defense attorney could clarify for an individual defendant what punishments may come from a conviction in their case, and work to structure their legal defense accordingly.

    What Are The Domestic Violence Implications of a Threat to Harm Charge?

    If someone is accused of threatening their spouse, relationship partner, or one of their other family members or housemates, their offense may be classified as an act of domestic violence. This designation does not allow for enhanced penalties in criminal court, but it can have a significant impact on the way the defendant’s case plays out.

    Furthermore, they may be subject to additional family court proceedings, including an investigation by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. Accordingly, representation from an experienced lawyer can be especially crucial for individuals in New Canaan accused of making a threat to harm a family or household member.

    Discuss Legal Options with a New Canaan Threat to Harm Attorney

    If you want to fight your charge and protect your best interests effectively, retaining a New Canaan threat to harm lawyer should be your first priority. Follow this link to read our certified 5-star reviews on Call today to discuss your options and start working on your case defense.