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    New Canaan Traffic Lawyer


    A New Canaan traffic lawyer could help you fight charges and work to keep your driving record clear. Keep reading to learn how a top defense attorney can help preserve your record and avoid costly insurance premiums.

    What Types of Traffic Offenses Can I Be Charged With?

    Many people in New Canaan do not understand that they can be charged with different types of traffic offenses. A traffic ticket may be issued for an infraction, a violation, a misdemeanor, or a felony. Traffic infractions are the most minor offenses, and the only penalty for an infraction is a fine. The procedures for handling infractions are described in the state code starting at Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §51-164m. Someone accused of an infraction may pay the fine or plead not guilty by mail.

    How Serious Are Traffic Violations?

    Traffic violations are more serious than infractions but less serious than misdemeanor or felony crimes. In some cases, an individual accused of a traffic violation may admit guilt and pay a fine by mail, but in other situations, the person accused of a violation must appear in court. Violations are defined generally in the criminal code at C.G.S. §53a-27.

    How Are Misdemeanor and Felony Traffic Offenses Treated?

    Misdemeanor and felony traffic offenses may be penalized by a term of imprisonment as well as a fine. A traffic lawyer in New Canaan can explain whether a particular offense charged is being treated as an infraction, violation, misdemeanor, or felony. Courts tend to assign more severe penalties in situations where the driver has prior convictions on their record or where an individual is injured.

    Is the DMV Involved with My Traffic Offenses?

    The state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues penalties and consequences in addition to those imposed by a traffic court. New Canaan traffic attorneys understand that these consequences can have as much, or even more, of an impact than criminal penalties, so they often work to minimize adverse effects with the DMV as well.

    The DMV has the ability to suspend a driver’s license or require a driver to take classes or use certain equipment such as an ignition interlock device. Younger drivers and those with commercial licenses may be subject to more harsh penalties. A lawyer can help explain the potential penalties to you an work with you to avoid penalties if possible.

    Work with a New Canaan Traffic Attorney

    Defense from a New Canaan traffic lawyer can prevent many unwelcome consequences and keep your driving record clean. To learn how an attorney can help in your unique situation, call Mark Sherman Law now for an initial consultation.