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    Rape Investigations at UConn

    Being investigated for a sexual assault allegation can be an incredibly stressful experience. Anyone who finds themselves subject to a rape investigation at UConn should get in touch with an experienced sexual assault defense lawyer as soon as possible, as even a small mistake or misstatement during this process could have devastating implications for your future and freedom.

    What Evidence Will Law Enforcement Look for in a Rape Investigation?

    State law establishes a Commission which has the authority to decide what standards should be applied to the evidence collection process in sexual assault cases. Currently, the Commission’s guidelines state that only qualified healthcare professionals should be in the room with alleged rape victims while they are undergoing a forensic physical examination, unless the person being examined specifically requests that a family member, friend, or sexual assault advocate accompany them.

    Accordingly, law enforcement officers and criminal prosecutors generally do not directly participate in the collection of biological evidence from someone making a rape allegation. Moreover, investigators in a UConn rape case may seek additional biological evidence from the scene of the alleged offense or from the personal effects of the alleged perpetrator, as well as documentary evidence like cell phone records, chat application logs, and witness statements.

    Most importantly, law enforcement authorities will generally conduct several interviews with both the person accused of rape and their alleged victim. It is often a mistake to attend such an interview without legal counsel present, since anything a person says directly to an investigator—whether intentional, inadvertent, or simply poorly-phrased—could be used as evidence against them.

    How Rape Investigations May Proceed at UConn

    Any college or university that receives funding through Title IX is legally required to take preventative action against on-campus sexual assaults and to respond directly to student reports of these offenses. This means that rape investigations undertaken by UConn staff, administrators, and conduct board members may occur side-by-side with investigations by law enforcement, or even as an alternative to intervention by a state prosecutor.

    Because school administrators are not bound by all the same Constitutional restrictions as criminal courts and law enforcement agencies, they can often take much quicker action against a student accused of sexual assault, often by banning them from on-campus housing, events, and classes until the investigation is over. Even if there is no conviction in criminal court, UConn may independently choose to suspend or expel a student based on its own investigation into an alleged act of rape.

    Learn More About Rape Investigations at UConn from a Seasoned Defense Attorney

    Responding effectively to allegations of sexual assault is primarily a matter of knowing what not to do in the face of such an accusation, so you should not wait until you are formally facing charges to start seeking legal representation.

    Throughout a rape investigation at UConn, support from an attorney at Mark Sherman Law could be crucial to giving yourself a fair chance at a positive final resolution. Click here to read our over 300 certified client reviews on, and call today to schedule a consultation.