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    UConn Expulsion Lawyer


    It is a good idea to consult a UConn expulsion lawyer if you have been contacted regarding a potential disciplinary proceeding on campus. A top defense lawyer who understands how cases are handled by the University can help protect your rights and fight to achieve a positive outcome from the situation.

    How Do Colleges and Universities Handle Campus Offenses?

    Universities like UConn investigate and process complaints differently than police and criminal courts. In the interests of protecting potential victims and providing a safe environment, many accusations are kept secret, and students are often not aware that allegations have been made against them. Moreover, unlike criminal defendants, these students may never have the chance to face their accuser and may be limited in their opportunities for defense.

    A UConn expulsion attorney understands the value of an accused student’s rights, including the right to due process. It is important to stand up for the right to present the other side of the story, and possibly to challenge school procedures if they violate students’ rights.

    Do Universities Decide on Punishments for Students?

    In many disciplinary situations, the University may have a certain latitude in setting punishment. If expulsion is a possibility, the student needs to be aware of the potential and prepare accordingly.

    According to highlights from the UConn Student Code, many types of behavior may result in what the University describes as “separation,” which can refer to suspension or expulsion. Some of these include:

    • Sexual misconduct
    • Possession of illegal drugs
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Distributing drugs or alcohol to minors
    • Falsifying University information
    • Physical assault
    • Participating in disruption of a University activity
    • Selling, distributing, or manufacturing controlled substances

    The school asserts that any violation of the Student Code can provide grounds for separation if a student is already on probation. Moreover, UConn authorities emphasize that the circumstances of a case can cause any code violation to result in a suspension or expulsion.

    What Are the Consequences of Expulsion?

    While a student who has been suspended is eligible to apply for readmission to UConn and may have notice of the suspension removed from the record, this option to wipe the slate clean is not available to a student who has been expelled. Expulsion is considered a permanent separation under Part IV E(1)(d) of the Student Code.

    After being expelled, a former student may not participate in any University program or activity and may not set foot on University property. The school places a permanent “expulsion” notation on the former student’s transcript. Avoiding this consequence at all costs is a top priority for a UConn expulsion attorney

    Help from a UConn Expulsion Attorney

    A UConn expulsion lawyer can help with preparing for interviews and questioning, and work to ensure that your side of the story gets a fair hearing. To learn more about the assistance a student defense lawyer could provide in your unique situation, call Mark Sherman Law today for an initial consultation.