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    UCONN Title IX Hearing Defense Attorney

    • A UConn Title IX hearing is handled by UCONN’s Office of Community Standards.
    • UCONN can temporarily suspend or remove students accused of a Title IX violation from campus housing.
    • You have the right to consult a support person (like a student defense attorney) throughout the process and have them present for any meetings.

    • If you are being accused of a Title IX sexual harassment violation at UCONN, contact a top UConn Title IX lawyer today.

    What is Title IX?

    Title IX is a broad law enacted as part of the Educational Amendments of 1972. While seemingly about sex discrimination, Title IX also applies to issues of alleged sexual harassment and misconduct. If you want more information about specifics of the law related to Title IX, check out our recent post on changes to Title IX that will take effect August 14, 2020.

    How Do I Handle a UCONN Title IX Hearing?

    A Title IX hearing, like any proceeding, is a stressful situation. Knowing what to expect in a Title IX proceeding can help reduce some of that stress. That’s where a top UCONN Title IX Defense lawyer can help.

    How Does a Title IX Proceeding at UCONN Start?

    Most proceedings begin with a complaint from a student to UCONN’s Office of Community Standards. After this, the Office of Community Standards investigator will contact you to provide notice that a complaint was filed and that an investigation has started. The investigator will request a meeting with you to discuss the allegations and the process of the investigation. UCONN students can check out more general information related to the initiation of a Title IX proceeding on the UCONN Office of Community Standards resources page.

    What Should I Say to UCONN Title IX Investigators?

    Your initial meeting with the Office of Community Standards is officially called an “administrative conference.” While there will always be at least one, know that there may be more than one administrative conference between the reporting of the incident and any hearing that might take place. For more details about UCONN administrative conferences, students can review Part IV subsection B of the UCONN student code.

    What Happens During a UCONN Administrative Hearing and Who is Part of it?

    A UCONN Title IX hearing will often include either one or two University officials trained in administrative hearings by the Director of Community Standards. See Part IV subsection C of the student code.

    Hearings themselves will include parties calling witnesses, entering exhibits, and other trial-like features. After the conclusion of a hearing, the officials will issue a written decision. This written decision will include the disciplinary sanctions, if any, that the officials felt appropriate after listening to the arguments from both parties.

    What Are My Rights During a UCONN Title IX Proceeding?

    The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. You have the right to representation by a dedicated attorney and to have them with you at your hearing. Whether you are dealing with an initial meeting with an investigator, any subsequent administrative conferences, or an administrative hearing, respondent students have the right to a support person throughout the process.

    An attorney can help in reviewing the investigative report before the hearing occurs, assisting in developing a defense, and providing support in the room on the day of the hearing. For details about your rights during the hearing phase, check Part IV subsection D of the student code.

    Contact a Connecticut Title IX Student Defense Lawyer Today

    Title IX can be difficult to navigate alone. Having a trusted advisor and advocate can help. The attorneys with the Law Offices of Mark Sherman can help you navigate this process at UCONN and provide counseling to effectively defend yourself.  Check out our hundreds of certified 5-star reviews and call us at 203-358-4700 today to learn more about how we can help you.