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    UCONN Marijuana DUI Lawyer

    DUIs are taken seriously in Connecticut, especially when drugs are involved. A marijuana DUI is different than an alcohol DUI because with an alcohol DUI someone’s blood alcohol content shows how intoxicated they are. Marijuana and other drugs can affect people in different ways, so the courts tend to take them just as seriously, if not more serious.That is why it is always a good idea to hire a UCONN marijuana DUI lawyer. A skilled UCONN defense attorney can work tirelessly to build your case.

    Different Types of Marijuana DUI Charges

    If it was just routine DUI, meaning that there was no accident, they might just face the DUI along with any moving violations. For example, if they crossed the yellow line and that made the police officer pull them over, they might face a DUI and an infraction for going across the line.

    If there is an accident and they left the scene, they might also face an evading responsibility charge in Connecticut. Sometimes, it is a DUI charge and nothing else. If the person has drugs on them and they are arrested for a DUI, when the person gets patted down after being arrested for a DUI, a possession charge may come as well, because the person might have marijuana on them.

    How the Decriminalization of Marijuana Impacts Marijuana DUI Charges

    Even though it was decriminalized, the decriminalization of marijuana does not affect the DUI charge. So, if an officer thinks that someone is driving under the influence of marijuana, they can still be arrested for a drug DUI regardless of the amount of marijuana they may or may not have had on them.

    Potential Penalties

    If a person is convicted of DUI, they could face up to six months in jail, a period of probation, and a fine between $500 and $1,000. They might have to do some substance abuse treatment and report to their probation officer. They are still eligible for a program in Connecticut called the Alcohol Education Program. Even though it is called the Alcohol Education Program, it is for any kind of DUI, including drug DUIs, so a UCONN marijuana DUI lawyer can try to get that if it is their first run-in with the law.

    How Are Marijuana DUI Cases Different From Alcohol-Based Cases?

    The most common difference in marijuana DUI cases is that it is harder for a UCONN marijuana DUI attorney to quantify how intoxicated a person is. For example, alcohol is illegal in Connecticut if a person’s blood alcohol is over 0.08 in most cases.

    In marijuana cases, there is no set number, because marijuana affects different people differently. It is a lot more subjective than alcohol, because it deals with how the person is able to operate their motor vehicle, which is subjective, and there is no strict test for it.

    Evidence in Marijuana DUI Cases

    The elements that the prosecution needs to prove their argument are subjective. They need to be able to show that the person was not able to operate their motor vehicle as a reasonable person, which is where the evidence comes in.

    The evidence in marijuana DUI cases take a little longer to get than evidence in alcohol-related DUI cases. Typically, if an officer thinks someone is under the influence of drugs, they will ask the person to submit to a urine or blood sample rather than a breath sample in alcohol cases.

    Often, the results of the urinalysis or the blood test take longer to get back. It has to go to the state lab, so it ends up being a warrant arrest, meaning that the person might not be put in handcuffs on the night of the incident, but they will get a phone call a couple of weeks later telling them there is a warrant out for their arrest if the blood or urine comes back showing drugs.

    Importance of Contacting a UCONN Marijuana DUI Attorney

    The science is a lot different, so having a UCONN marijuana DUI lawyer who is experienced in defending drug or marijuana DUIs will understand what all of the scientific analyses and reports mean and will be able to pick out favorable evidence. Oftentimes, a DUI attorney that has dealt with marijuana and drug DUIs has worked with expert witnesses and toxicologists before that could come in and either consult with or testify in your favor. If you have been charged with a marijuana DUI, consult a skilled attorney that can advocate for you.