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    Stamford Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

    People in Stamford and throughout Connecticut sometimes face paraphernalia charges for perfectly innocent items because authorities believe they are related to drugs. The statutes defining paraphernalia are quite broad, however, and your charges may not stand up to scrutiny by a skilled defense attorney. Contact a Stamford possession of drug paraphernalia lawyer today to discuss your defense strategy.

    What is Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Stamford, Connecticut?

    Possession of drug paraphernalia arrests in Stamford, Connecticut fall under Connecticut General Statutes § 21a-267.

    Drug paraphernalia is defined as any goods that aid in the storing, packing, concealing, repacking, inhaling or ingesting of marijuana in a quantity less than one ounce.

    These definitions are extremely broad and can cover a wide range of materials.

    What are the Penalties for my Stamford Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Arrest?

    The least serious drug paraphernalia offenses involve paraphernalia in conjunction with small amounts of marijuana, defined as half an ounce or less. Use, possession with intent to use, delivery, or manufacture of paraphernalia in such circumstances is considered an infraction punishable by fines.

    Other drug paraphernalia offenses are more serious. Use or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia other than in conjunction with amounts of marijuana greater than a half ounce is a Class C misdemeanor under §21a-267(a). Penalties for this crime include up to three months in jail and a fine of up to $500.

    Delivery or manufacture of drug paraphernalia is treated as a Class A misdemeanor and therefore the potential penalties increase to up to one year of imprisonment and a fine as high as $2,000.

    Contact a Stamford Drug Paraphernalia Attorney Today

    Though possession of drug paraphernalia may seem like a minor offense, even at the least serious level the offense can have lasting consequences. Information regarding these offenses can resurface in background checks and cause negative impacts that affect employment, housing and even personal relationships.

    An experienced Stamford drug paraphernalia lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and help determine the best strategy to get your possession of drug paraphernalia charges dismissed. Call now to learn how we can help.