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    Stamford Operating a Drug Factory Lawyer

    If you were arrested for operating a drug factory in Stamford, you are facing a felony drug charge. For help building a strong defense, talk to a Stamford operating a drug factory lawyer today.

    What is Operating a Drug Factory in Stamford Connecticut?

    Operating a drug factory or Connecticut Code §21a-277(c), prohibits individuals from possessing drug paraphernalia “in a drug factory situation” when it is to be used to mix or prepare a controlled substance for illegal manufacture, distribution, or sale.  Top Stamford drug factory lawyers are regularly seeing this felony charge added on to simple possession charges.

    Drug Paraphernalia in Connecticut Criminal Law

    Per C.G.S. §21a-240(20)(A), the definition “drug paraphernalia” covers virtually every piece of equipment or material that could conceivably be used to grow, prepare, package or ingest a controlled substance.

    While some examples of drug factory paraphernalia—such as testing equipment or bongs—may be clearly intended for use with controlled substances, other examples can be much more ambiguous. For instance, “objects used for storing controlled substances” can be interpreted to include to items such as plastic bags, which an individual may have on hand to package small quantities of food or other items instead of drugs.

    What is a Drug Factory in CT

    The second part of the definition, found in Conn. Code §21a-240(20)(B), describes what Connecticut law considers to be a “factory” with respect to “dependency-producing” drugs. Under this definition, any place found to contain drug paraphernalia intended for illegal use in the form of manufacturing, preparing, packaging, storing, or distributing controlled substances can be considered a factory.

    In practice, this means that any room anywhere could be called a drug factory if it contains a couple of items that could potentially be used to prepare, manufacture, or use drugs.

    Is Operating a Drug Factory a Felony?

    Yes. In Stamford Connecticut, Operating a Drug Factory is an unclassified felony, and is treated much more seriously than simple possession of drug paraphernalia.

    What are the Penalties for Operating a Drug Factory in Stamford?

    If you plead guilty or are convicted or operating a drug factory in violation of Conn. Code §21a-277(c), then you will have a permanent felony record. Additionally, you face up to two years in jail for a first offense, and a fine of up to $3,500.00.

    How can I get my Stamford Operating a Drug Factory Case Dismissed?

    It can be argued that police often arrest individuals in Stamford for operating a drug factory when in fact any items attributable to “manufacturing” are kept purely for private use. The key is knowing how and when to make those arguments and how to back up the arguments with the right evidence. In many cases, procedural issues also provide excellent grounds for defense.

    Contact a Stamford Attorney Who Understands Drug Factory Arrests

    If you are arrested for possessing paraphernalia or preparing illicit substances, a Stamford operating a drug factory lawyer could help you feel confident in your chances of a positive outcome. Get in touch with a skilled attorney today who could work to uncover necessary evidence and advocate on your behalf from start to finish in your case.