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    Stamford Drug Trafficking Lawyer

    In Stamford and throughout Connecticut, drug trafficking is considered a serious offense. If you face charges, do not hesitate to contact a top Stamford drug trafficking lawyer. An experienced defense attorney can assert your rights and fight to protect your interests.

    Have Stamford Drug Trafficking Laws Relaxed?

    No. News outlets in Stamford may have given the impression that drug laws are more lax than in the past. However, the changes in legislation and enforcement apply only to cases where individuals are charged with simple possession of a controlled substance. The penalties for other drug-related offenses remain harsh, particularly in cases where it is alleged that an individual is involved with drug trafficking.

    This is an extremely serious crime that can be prosecuted under both the laws of Connecticut and federal laws.

    Does Trafficking Increases the Complexity of a Case?

    Yes. The term “trafficking” is not actually used in Connecticut statutes, but it is defined by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as “trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws.”

    What makes this offense so serious is the concept of trade. In other words, the offense involves commerce that can stretch across numerous jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction will have its own laws and law enforcement systems. Often federal and even international laws come into play. The need for top notch legal representation becomes paramount.

    CT Drug Laws

    Sections 21a-277 and 21a-278 of the Connecticut criminal code make it a felony offense to take the following actions with respect to narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs:

    Does It Make A Difference If I Am Drug Dependent?

    Yes, in many cases. It is important to note that the laws treat individuals very differently depending on whether they are deemed to be dependent on the substance they are charged to be distributing, transporting or otherwise criminally involved with.

    If a Stamford drug trafficking lawyer can demonstrate that an individual is trafficking in a drug while suffering from a dependency, the law is much more lenient.

    What Are The Penalties for Drug Trafficking?

    Because allegations of drug trafficking can involve numerous jurisdictions, it is not practical to list all potential penalties for drug trafficking offenses charged in Stamford.

    As a guideline, it can be stated that the penalties for the illegal manufacture, distribution, sale, or transportation of certain amounts of narcotics such as heroin and cocaine by a non-dependent individual include a minimum term of imprisonment of five years that could be extended to up to 20 years or even a life sentence depending on circumstances.

    When Should I Call an Experienced Stamford Drug Trafficking Attorney?

    Today. Charges involving drug trafficking are taken very seriously by both state and federal official. The potential consequences are severe and the laws involved complex and overlapping. All of these factors make it crucial for anyone charged with drug trafficking to seek immediate help from an experienced Stamford drug trafficking lawyer.

    There are defenses that can be raised but for the best chance of success it is crucial to begin as early as possible to collect and preserve evidence and make the choices with the greatest potential to achieve your goals.