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    Building a Stamford Drug Defense

    Drug crimes are treated severely depending on what specific action is being alleged. For example, possession is not as serious as somebody that is distributing or selling drugs. Someone charged with possession of marijuana could get assistance from an experienced drug attorney to possibly get a drug education program or possibly get the charges reduced. A lawyer could work tirelessly when building a Stamford drug defense that works for you.

    Severity of Drug Offenses

    If someone is alleged to be selling or distributing illegal drugs, the consequences are a lot more serious because not only does the person have possession of the drugs but they are looking to possibly make money off of them, share the drugs, distribute them, and so forth. That can escalate the existing charges. In that case, an attorney can still help by building a strong Stamford drug defense for them and attempting to mitigate potential penalties.

    Individuals might be eligible for pretrial diversionary programs. In some cases, the attorney is able to demonstrate to the court that the person was selling the drugs as a result of their own drug addiction and drug dependency and not just to make money by taking advantage of other people that might also be addicted to drugs.

    Constitutional Issues in Stamford Drug Cases

    The most common potential constitutional issue in drug cases is illegal searches, especially when people are facing drug charges either for possession or for sale. For example, if someone gets pulled over for a legitimate reason, for example, if their taillight is out or they are speeding, and then the police officers go out to search the car without a warrant or without the driver’s consent to search the car and end up finding drugs, there could be an argument to be made that the search was not following the rules of the Constitution without having consent or a warrant.

    Search and seizure issues are seen the most often with drug charges because they often involve either the search of a person like in their pockets, or their bags, or their purses or, in a lot of cases, the search of a motor vehicle. Constitutional issues can be instrumental when building a Stamford drug defense. Law enforcement’s constitutional issues can be resolved

    Contacting a Stamford Drug Attorney

    Regardless of the types of drug charges you are facing, you will need an attorney to help you understand your legal rights and adequately defend yourself. There are always different options available to defend against drug charges. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you could begin building a Stamford drug defense that works for you.

    If you have been arrested on drug-related charges in the Stamford area, an experienced legal team is ready to help you build the best possible defense for your specific case. Contact an adept drug defense attorney today.