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Stamford Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

A conspiracy charge is typically the same level as the underlying drug offense, and it is charged when two or more people get together and have an agreement to commit a crime together. Individuals are typically charged for agreeing with another person to commit a crime, and then also with the underlying crime itself. Individuals charged with drug conspiracy should get in touch with a Stamford drug conspiracy lawyer. A skilled Stamford drug crimes attorney can attempt to build a solid defense for the accused.

Seriousness of Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy charges are as serious as the underlying offense. For example, if two people get together and agree to possess a narcotic, then the conspiracy charge will be a Class A misdemeanor because that is what possession of a narcotic is. If they are non-drug dependent and they get together and they agree that they are going to be selling non-prescribed narcotics, then that is a very serious unclassified felony offense that can also come with a five-year mandatory minimum jail sentence upon conviction. A Stamford drug conspiracy lawyer can help individuals attempt to mitigate the penalties that they face.

How Drug Conspiracy Investigations Work

In drug conspiracy cases, prosecutors need to prove that two or more people had an agreement to commit or attempt to commit a certain crime. A lot of times, the police will try to talk to people who know the co-conspirators and, in some cases, they might even try to talk to the co-conspirators themselves and try to find more information about the other members of the group through information that is known to the group or that is possessed by other people who might be buying drugs or selling drugs in the similar neighborhood. That is typically where they start just to get more information.

Tools and Investigative Techniques Law Enforcement Uses When Building Drug Conspiracy Cases

Oftentimes, law enforcement will try to speak to one or more of the co-conspirators to collect more information. They often try to get someone to cooperate with them and, that way, they can build a stronger case against the people they are seeking to arrest. They often will use surveillance to try to watch certain areas where known drug activity is and find about the potential buying and selling of drugs ahead of time so they can be there to make an arrest happen.

What Constitutes Evidence of Intent?

Evidence includes the testimony of other people, whether the other person is a co-conspirator themselves or whether they are a buyer or seller that knows the people that are selling the drugs or possessing the drugs. There is typically eyewitness testimony or testimony from someone that knows these people and kind of knows what they are up to. Other evidence of intent is the amount of drugs possessed by the people. The more drugs that they are alleged to have possessed, the more likely that they have the intent to be selling them.

Possible Penalties in Stamford

The possible penalties will range from jail time which could be anywhere from a maximum of a year to a maximum of 15 or 20 years depending on the person’s history and then whether they have been in trouble for those charges before. It could also include a period of probation as well as fines and just a permanent criminal misdemeanor or felony record. An individual can work with a Stamford drug conspiracy lawyer that can attempt to defend them against these charges.

What to Prepare Before Calling an Attorney

Before calling a Stamford drug conspiracy lawyer, a person might want to come in with any correspondence received from the Stamford Police Station, and if they sent them a letter saying they want to speak to them or if they have a copy of the search warrant.

They will want to have that with them when talking to a lawyer. They also want to have any documentation related to any treatment regarding substance abuse or anything like that. They will want to have that to show to their Stamford drug conspiracy attorney as well.

Necessity of Working With a Drug Lawyer

An individual facing drug conspiracy charges is going to want to work with someone that has experience defending the specific type of crime the person is facing. For example, drug charges are a lot different than larceny charges. There is more science behind them, classification and the amount of drugs, and it is a different kind of proof when one is proving intent to sell instead of just possessing. A person should look for a Stamford drug conspiracy lawyer that has experience.

Working With a Stamford Drug Conspiracy Attorney

When choosing a Stamford drug conspiracy lawyer, a person should look for someone who has done these kinds of cases before, that has experience dealing not only with drug cases but with drug cases when there are multiple defendants or multiple people alleged to be involved. If an individual has been charged with drug conspiracy, they should consult a skilled attorney that can potentially build their case.