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    Stamford Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

    Drug conspiracy charges are among the more severe criminal charges relating to drugs, so if you are arrested for conspiracy to commit drug possession / possession with intent to sell in Stamford, get in touch with an experienced Stamford attorney.

    What is Criminal Conspiracy in Connecticut?

    Generally, a conspiracy is an agreement to commit an act or undertake actions that are criminal in nature, so long as that agreement is accompanied or followed by an “overt act” in furtherance of that criminal action. This definition is found is §53a-48 of the Connecticut code.  In a drug conspiracy case, there are offenses related to controlled substances and the separate crime of conspiracy itself.

    What does the State need to Prove a Conspiracy in Connecticut?

    In order to prove a conspiracy has been committed under this statute, it must be shown that two or more individuals agreed to engage in conduct that is criminal, that they acted intentionally, and that they took some action to further that criminal goal.   A conspiracy need not be a formal agreement of any kind. Simply showing that two people willfully and knowingly engaged in a joint plan to commit wrongdoing is sufficient to be considered a conspiracy.

    How Can I Fight Conspiracy Charges in Stamford Connecticut?

    It is important to distinguish that simply having knowledge of another’s illegal activities does not make an individual a co-conspirator. Rather, an individual must comprehend that their own actions are part of a illegal course of conduct.

    What are Drug Distribution Conspiracy Charges in Connecticut?

    Any time it is believed that two or more individuals worked together to distribute, sell, manufacture or transport controlled substances, those individuals are liable to be charged as conspirators in a drug distribution scheme, which increases the potential for severe penalties.

    In Stamford, law enforcement personnel are anxious to take actions to appease growing public concern about drug violence and organized crime. Issuing more drug conspiracy charges is one visible means of addressing these concerns. However, these charges are not always warranted. So, it is crucial to seek advice from a legal team with experience handling drug conspiracy cases.

    What are the Penalties for Drug Conspiracy Charges in Stamford?

    The penalty for the conspiracy charge depends on the underlying offense.  However, because a conspiracy charge can be added on to each individual offense, the potential penalties are multiplied.  While each case is fact-specific, drug distribution charges are taken very seriously and come with years of potential jail-time.  It is important to reach out to an experienced Stamford criminal attorney so that you understand and have representation against both the underlying charges involving controlled substances and the charges of conspiracy.

    Contact a Stamford Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

    It is important to seek advice and counsel from a Stamford drug conspiracy lawyer with experience in all facets of these laws. Your attorney can work to uncover and preserve vital evidence, build the optimum defensive strategy for your circumstances, and advocate on your behalf to help reach the best possible outcome. Call now.