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    Common Stamford Drug Offenses

    In Stamford, illegal drugs include heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth, LSD, or more than a half ounce of marijuana. The laws also prohibit illegal possession or distribution of otherwise legal drugs – for example, possession of oxycodone, Xanax, fentanyl, Adderall, methadone or other prescription drugs without a valid prescription.

    If you have been charged with common Stamford drug offenses, speak with an experienced substance attorney about how to begin building a defense. A skilled drug attorney can help you better comprehend the charges and penalties you face.

    Typical Stamford Drug Offenses

    The most Stamford drug offenses are possession of marijuana. If the person has more than half an ounce of marijuana on their person, then they can be charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana in Stamford, Connecticut.

    However, if the marijuana is packaged in small baggies, or if the person has scales or cash near the marijuana, they also might be charged with selling marijuana or operating a drug factory, which are both felony charges.

    Because of how quickly a simple marijuana possession charges can escalate, it is important to get in touch with an experienced criminal attorney right away.

    Unique Factors in Local Drug Cases

    The youth population is rather large in Stamford, as well as in Connecticut generally. Because marijuana in small amounts, is technically decriminalized, holding marijuana is more similar to an infraction and not an actual crime. In relation to Stamford drug offenses, decriminalization means that holding less than half of an ounce of marijuana is considered a violation. That makes it a little more widespread especially pertaining to the youth. It is a lot easier to get them than some other drugs and this is a more widespread use of marijuana than other drugs.

    What is the Focus of Law Enforcement for Substance Offenses

    Generally, Stamford PD and other departments have been trying to crack down on people that are dealing and selling drugs, especially those that are doing so for profit. Criminal defense attorneys in the area have been seeing a lot more officers setting up sting operations for monitoring and conducting surveillance. These typically occur in places where they know drug transactions do occur or might occur, in order to try and catch people in the act and make arrests on the spot to prevent people from distributing drugs. A lot of that has to do with the increased use of heroin by people throughout Connecticut, but police can arrest anyone distributing any kind of illegal drugs, not just heroin. They are not just focusing on one specific type.

    Understanding the Intimidation of Facing a Drug Charge

    A lot of times, there will be a felony charge tacked onto a simple possession charge. In Stamford specifically, the Stamford Police Department tacks on additional felony charges that maybe are not even applicable to a simple misdemeanor possession charge.

    If someone has marijuana packaged in bags, even if it is just for their personal use, the Stamford Police Department is likely to tack on an allegation that they are selling drugs, they are distributing them or even operating a drug factory. This is typically how Stamford drug offenses occur.

    The individual may not only facing a simple misdemeanor possession charge but they are also facing a felony distribution charge. Therefore, it can be critical to speak with an attorney about your case.