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    Defending My Reputation From Stamford Drug Charges


    • Drug possession is often a felony charge in Stamford.
    • Certain drug charges carry mandatory minimum jail sentences
    • A criminal record can affect your future ability to get a job, find housing, and affect your social life.

    Let a Stamford drug defense attorney help you protect your reputation.

    What Are Some Common Stamford Drug Crimes?

    While legal to possess for those 21 and over, marijuana possession can still yield infractions or criminal charges if you possess too much or are under age. Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 21a-279a, possessing more than an ounce and a half is an infraction for those 21 or older, unless locked in a compartment within your personal vehicle or residence. Infractions are less serious than misdemeanor or felony crimes but still carry consequences. If you are 21 or over and found in possession of over five ounces of marijuana, you will be fined $500 dollars, and for any subsequent offense you will be charged with a class C misdemeanor. In either circumstance, there may be serious consequences going forward. 

    In addition to illegal possession charges, there are more serious drug charges that could expose you to lengthy prison sentences and fines. Some of these charges are Possession with Intent to Sell under C.G.S. § 21a-278 and Possession within 200 feet of a School under C.G.S. § 21a-279(b). To learn more about drug crimes and how to defend them click here.

    Will I Go to Jail For Drug Charges?

    Potentially, yes. Except marijuana, possession of any controlled substance is a Class A Misdemeanor and carries the potential for up to 1 year in jail. Possession with Intent to Sell is particularly negative because it is commonly charged under C.G.S. § 21a-278(a)(1), that subsection provides for a 5-year mandatory minimum jail sentence that cannot be suspended nor reduced. If you suffer from drug abuse, an attorney can help argue for your charge to be substituted for C.G.S. § 21a-277 which is also possession of narcotics and hallucinogens with intent to sell, but without the mandatory minimum jail sentence. This is still a serious charge though and can lead to up to 15 years in jail for a first offense.

    How Can I Protect My Future and My Reputation?

    A drug charge connected to your name could negatively impact your personal, social, and professional life. At Mark Sherman Law we highly value protecting your future and have helped many clients in the past do just that. The first step with drug charges is to take a serious moment to reflect on whether or not you need help with addiction. If you do, a defense lawyer in your corner could assist you in getting the help you need and deserve. In the courtroom, your lawyer could advocate for your charges to be reduced to avoid the mandatory minimum, and work towards getting your case dismissed and your name cleared.

    Knowing your rights is also extremely important. Anything you say to the police, even in good spirits, could be used against you. While it may be advisable to cooperate, an attorney can help make sure you do so in a way that protects you from unnecessary risk.

    Protect Your Name and Reputation – Call a Stamford Defense Attorney Today

    Your reputation deserves meticulous care and attention. Click here to read hundreds of reviews from past clients of the Law Offices of Mark Sherman. Our Attorneys are available 24/7 to take your call.