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    Norwalk Sex Crimes Defense Strategies 

    Being charged with a sex crime can have life-altering impacts. Sex crimes carry heavy penalties like jail time and being forced to register for the Norwalk sex offender registry. The charges, coupled with having your name on the registry, can come with a lot of social stigmas as well and have lasting implications on your personal and professional life. It can be difficult to reintegrate into society, and your local community after facing these charges, especially if you are convicted.

    The charges can ruin your personal relationships and get in the way of potential housing and employment opportunities. The counsel of an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in a sex crimes case. A knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer will know of different Norwalk sex crimes defense strategies they can use in your case and can determine which one to use for you, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

    Collecting Evidence

    Before an attorney can start working on potential Norwalk sex crimes defense strategies, the first thing they must do is gather evidence and the allegations from the state and the complaining witness. As well as gathering all of the medical information, all of the police reports, and all of the witness statements. Simultaneously, the attorney will also be looking to get their own client’s version of events but if that happens, it is getting their client’s version of events but then revisiting their client’s version of events in the context of what has been provided by way of evidence from the state.

    Then, from there, it will be important to look for information that either corroborates the things that the client is saying in terms of their version of events or things that undermine or create holes in the version that is suggested by the evidence that the state has provided.

    That evidence, a lot of times, will come from investigations in terms of reviewing and analyzing the medical resources available but also by getting other sources of information such as communications in text messages and phone calls between the two people that may speak more towards the circumstances that led to the event, which may shed light more on whether the event was of a consensual nature or actually was not a consensual nature. But a lot of times, there are things that people do or do not do that would tend to be more supportive of one version of events or the other.

    Building Defense Strategies

    One of the Norwalk sex crimes defense strategies a lawyer can use is a well-crafted counter-narrative. A defense attorney will look for ways to poke holes in the state’s evidence as to any essential element, of the crime charged by either showing that the evidence is weak or unreliable in a certain way or not plausible or undermined by other objective evidence. The other thing, then, is by trying to identify a counter-narrative that is also supported by objective evidence that tends to show an alternative state of affairs that would essentially negate any or all of the elements that the state needs to prove.

    In addition to poking holes in the prosecution’s case, a lawyer should also focus on building a narrative on the other side that is strengthened by supporting evidence. To find facts that support the defense’s narrative, an attorney will start looking towards the medical evidence, for example, that will usually tend to give an opportunity to poke holes in the state’s case rather than support, necessarily, the version of events that the other person said but it could do either.

    It is also important to look at other sources such as social media and forms of communication, and the surrounding circumstances to see if there is information that can not only support their version of events but also poke holes in the state’s versions of events.

    Value of a Lawyer

    A skilled sex crimes attorney will pay great attention to the details of your case and can focus on the big picture. They should be able to look at the case from all different angles and understand that it is going to be difficult to definitely say whose version of events are correct. That will allow your attorney to determine which Norwalk sex crimes defense strategies, work best for your case.

    When crafting your defense, an experienced attorney will try to create a greater understanding of all of the circumstances that led to that event not only before but after that speaks to how the different people were thinking at the time, to try to uncover a story that speaks to the true nature of what actually occurred and then basically take that and distill it in a way that can be presented to a jury. A determined lawyer will do everything in their power and use all the resources that are potentially available to make sure that there is no stone that is left unturned.