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    Working with a Norwalk Sex Crimes Attorney 

    If you have been charged with a sex crime in Norwalk, you should call a lawyer as soon as possible. By working with a Norwalk sex crimes attorney, you are ensuring that you are in the hands of an experienced lawyer who has knowledge of local sex crime laws. Your lawyer can use their familiarity with the Norwalk legal system, and how sex crime cases are handled, in order to create an effective defense for you.

    Role of an Attorney

    An attorney’s role is to defend their client first and foremost. Part of defending the client is investigating and using the law for the person’s best benefit or advantage. Beyond that, the role of an attorney is to be an advocate, a counselor, and to counsel the client in terms of helping them understand what the legal process is, what is happening in the legal process, and each stage of the legal process. An attorney helps the client understand what is coming, what has happened, why things are happening, and what is likely to happen as the process goes on, and to help the client make the best decisions possible in terms of the outcome of the case.

    For example, an attorney will help a client understand if they should take a plea deal or instead to dispute it out at trial and then at trial, help them to decide whether they should testify or not. There are decisions a person has to make throughout and an attorney can help them understand what is happening and why it is happening. This is a critical component of an attorney’s representation for a defendant in a sex crime as it is in any other crime.

    Client-Attorney Relationship

    When working with a Norwalk sex crimes attorney, trust is an integral part of the process. From the attorney’s perspective, if they cannot trust what the client is saying, if they cannot trust that they will do the things that their attorney has asked them to do, and if the attorney cannot trust that the client will follow through with their instructions or heed their advice in reasonable ways, then it will not result in its most effective outcome. In other words, if they do not want to be upfront and honest with the attorney they are not helping themselves and that obviously inhibits the attorney’s ability to help them.

    The attorney and the client need to feel a high degree of trust with one another so they can look out for the client’s best interest. It needs to be a reciprocal relationship in the sense that when the client does not trust that the attorney has their best interest in mind then the client is going to be less likely to provide the essential information that the attorney needs to do the best job they can for the client.

    When there is a breakdown of the relationship between the attorney and client, it depends on circumstances but the attorney will stop trusting the client which may affect their ability to do the job well which will make their client start thinking that the attorney does not have their best interest in mind. This could start with the client, as well.

    Importance of Hiring an Attorney Early On

    An attorney will preserve evidence, and make sure things do not get worse. It is also important that an individual does not speak to the authorities, and preserves any communications with the person that is making the accusations against them. Whatever has happened has happened, so when a crime has occurred or an accusation has been made, the important thing is not to compound things by providing unsolicited statements to the police or even solicited statements to the police.

    Not engaging in any other acts that may exacerbate the situation is important, and beyond all of that, it is important to preserve the evidence from what did happen so that it provides the most opportunity for the attorney to be able to properly investigate it and use whatever good evidence there is for the client on their behalf. If an individual does not incriminate themselves and they begin working with a Norwalk sex crimes attorney, then they can increase their chances of a better outcome in their case.