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    Benefit of a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Lawyer

    Evading responsibility is a serious offense in Greenwich. The consequences include expensive fines and, depending on whether an individual is injured or not, serious jail time. With so much at stake, it is of the utmost importance that if you have been charged with evading responsibility you consult a qualified hit and run attorney. The benefit of a Greenwich evading responsibility lawyer is that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you. Speak with an experienced legal advocate today and know that you are in capable hands.

    Leveraging Experience When Building a Case

    An experienced criminal lawyer that is familiar with both the Greenwich Police Department and Stamford Superior Court (where the case will be heard) should know what to do to get the person the best possible outcome because they have dealt with this situation many times before. The benefit of a Greenwich evading responsibility lawyer is that they may know what the law requires and what the State of Connecticut will have to prove in order to find the defendant guilty. They could look at the police report, any and all witness statements, and any other evidence the State claims they have to determine if there is potential for a Motion to Suppress or potential for the case to be thrown out if there is not enough evidence to support the charge.

    Articulating Why Someone Would Leave the Scene of an Accident

    If a person left the scene of an accident, an experienced lawyer should know how to work with the prosecutor to negotiate the best possible resolution, even if the crime did actually occur. A lot of times people leave the scene of an accident because they are scared, or maybe they did not have a proper driver’s license, or maybe they were not insured at the time. In some cases, they may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The criminal defense attorney can help resolve any of those issues prior to speaking with the prosecutor. For example, if it is a license issue, they can help the accused work with the DMV (“Department of Motor Vehicles”) to get the person’s license restored or obtain the person’s proof of insurance or whatever else the prosecutor needs to feel comfortable about letting the case resolve favorably.

    The Timeframe for Evading Responsibility

    In Greenwich, the first court date usually occurs within 14 days of the arrest. The timeframe for evading responsibility, from arrest to disposition, could be at least two or three court dates (several months) before the case is resolved. In some cases, the defense attorney can work out a deal where the disposition ends up being an infraction plea and not a crime. That could still take one to two court appearances. If it is a bit more serious but the person has never been in trouble before, then they might be eligible for a program called Accelerated Rehabilitation. In that event, the disposition could take several months longer. If the person ends up working out some kind of plea negotiation that involves a plea to evading responsibility, they could be looking at several months just to try to get the best resolution possible before entering into that plea negotiation.

    Value of a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Attorney

    The benefit of a Greenwich evading responsibility lawyer is that they should be familiar with the Stamford Superior Court and should know more about the specific police officers and prosecutors involved. They may know what documentation to file with the court in order to hopefully achieve the best resolution possible for you. An attorney who is not from the area will not know what the court needs to be able to get the case dismissed or dropped. If you have been charged with an evading responsibility offense, speak with a skilled hit and run lawyer who could fight for you.