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    Role of Insurance Adjusters in Greenwich Evading Responsibility Cases

    Anytime an insurance company wants to talk about hit and run allegations, an established evading responsibility attorney should be involved. The reason for that is what the person says to the insurance company is not necessarily confidential. If the person admitted that they hit the other car and then they left the scene of the accident, they would essentially be admitting to the elements of evading responsibility to the insurance company. Therefore, it could be critical to discuss the potential impact of the role of insurance adjusters in Greenwich evading responsibility cases.

    If the person is just making a claim and giving their policy number, name, address, and basic information, they do not need a lawyer to be present for that. When the conversation gets into what happened and what the person did, it would be helpful to have a lawyer there to stop the questioning if any questions come up that can cause a problem in criminal court. This is only relevant when there is a simultaneous criminal action pending at the same time.

    What is the Role of an Insurance Adjuster?

    When an insurance adjuster is investigating an evading responsibility charge, they will review the insured’s policy to get background information on the insured. They will also discuss the individual’s case in order to:

    • Obtain information possibly missing from their file
    • Understand what happened during the accident
    • Discern the person was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • If there any property damage to other cars or surrounding areas
    • Distinguish whether there were any physical injuries and if the hospital was needed

    Understanding the role of insurance adjusters in Greenwich evading responsibility cases can be critical before the accused interacts with insurance companies.

    Buying Insurance After Previous Coverage Termination

    When a person’s auto insurance is terminated for evading responsibility or any other crime, it will take some shopping around to find an insurance company that will cover them. The coverage may not be as good as their original coverage, but if they were terminated, they will probably be forced to shop around for another insurance company until they found someone who will give them coverage.

    If there were no major injuries or major property damage, an individual would want to be able to show the insurance adjuster proof of that as soon as possible, and work with them to get what they need in that regard. The insurance company will be happy and so will the court if there are no outstanding damages or serious injuries.

    Risks of Speaking With the Insurance Company

    Any conversation between a person and their insurance adjuster is important because the insurance company has to do their job. They have to decide who is at fault and whether they are going to pay for the damages. In order to make this determination, they need to gather information and all of the information does not necessarily come from the driver because the conversation is not confidential.

    Often times, the insurance adjuster will do a Freedom of Information Request to ask for the Accident Report from the relevant Police Department. The insurance adjuster will already have some of the information prior to even speaking with their insured.

    How Much Information to Share With Insurance Companies

    People generally want to be totality forthcoming with their insurance company. Honesty can be a critical element to the role of insurance adjusters in Greenwich evading responsibility cases. They want to make sure that the insurance company takes care of the claim like they should and they just want to be cooperative. However, they fail to realize that their conversation is not confidential and if they say something that admits guilt to any of the elements of evading responsibility, that information can be used to prosecute them in criminal court.