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    How a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Lawyer Can Help

    When dealing with an evading responsibility charge in Greenwich a distinguished hit and run lawyer can help preserve the evidence that is necessary for the particular defense that is being pursued. They can help you identify and secure any kind of insurance coverage for the incident itself. They can work with a potential client to gather pertinent information to mitigate any penalty that may be given.

    Investigating Evading Charges

    An attorney will be looking at what happened and how it happened, to basically understand whether the client knew or should have known that the accident actually occurred, to be able to assess the level of damage that actually was incurred by the other vehicle or a person in connection with the incident.

    An attorney would also be looking for the details of what actually happened and reasons why the person could not have reasonably stopped or did in effect stop but that there was some other misunderstanding as to why they were not able to fulfill any of their legal requirements and other reasons why the person may have been obstructed from fulfilling their legal requirements. Attorneys can seek information about appropriate insurance coverage and policy information to make sure that the accused is covered for the incidents to the greatest extent possible.

    Role of Potential Clients

    Potential clients should have their driving history and the status of their license because of the potential for license suspensions and DUI consequences. It is just helpful for the attorney to know if there is any other way to resolve the case. Sometimes, an attorney may be able to get a prosecutor to allow a guilty plea to traffic infractions as opposed to an actual crime of evading responsibility. It will be important to know what the person’s driving history looks like because pleading guilty to one or more traffic infractions may result in a suspension depending on what their driving history looks like at that time.

    Role of Insurance

    The extent that the incident can be reported to the person’s insurance is important if they have any underlying issues for which they need rehabilitation. Whether their issues are drug or underlying alcohol issues, an individual should begin as early as possible seeking any kind of treatment or help for whatever the underlying issue is.

    Likelihood of Dismissing Charges

    Either through the use of a diversionary program if it is available or by having the charges dismissed because there is a showing of a lack of probable cause, a lack of evidence regarding one or more essential elements of the crime charged, or after a trial having a jury render a verdict of not guilty on behalf of the client.