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    Preparing a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Case

    A defense attorney starts preparing a defense as soon as they are retained. The timeframe until a court hearing on their case depends on whether it is an arrest by a warrant or an on sight arrest. If it was an arrest by a warrant, it is possible that the person will contact the lawyer right after the accident happens and the warrant may take a couple weeks to a month.

    In a case involving a warrant, a person should contact a capable hit and run attorney as soon as they realize they are being investigated, that will allow some additional preparation time. If the person is arrested on sight and booked right then in there, the first court date will likely be within 14 days. It may be critical to begin preparing a Greenwich evading responsibility case with a trusted lawyer right away.

    Importance of Insurance Considerations in a Hit and Run Case

    Some of the key factors a defense lawyer could consider when preparing a Greenwich evading responsibility case would include whether or not the car had valid insurance on the day of the accident. It is of utmost importance to the court whether anyone has out-of-pocket expenses for any damage caused by the accused. The lawyer may try to verify that:

    • The insurance was valid
    • The car registration was in good standing
    • Any claims made
    • If any claims paid
    • The status of any claims

    The attorney will want a copy of the proof of insurance for the day in question. They will also want to know what the client was doing the night of the accident, where they were coming from, and why they left the scene.

    Elements of Preparing an Evading Responsibility Defense

    When preparing a Greenwich evading responsibility case on behalf of the defense, a lawyer typically focuses at the beginning of the case, such as the arrest itself.

    The criminal defense attorney will likely focus on:

    • Any evidence used at trial that was pursuant to the Constitution and determining whether the rights of the accused were violated
    • Any statements taken in violation of their rights
    • Whether or not the accused understood the right to remain silent, understood the right to an attorney, and all of that was filed like it should be

    As far as bias from a past record, the attorney should file a Motion in Limine to exclude certain evidence from a trial which could include past convictions, past records or arrests which are supposed to be excluded from the trial except for limited circumstances. The defense attorney needs to make sure that they are fully aware of every past arrest and every past conviction of their client so they can properly prepare and argue all of those motions before a trial.

    Understanding the Role of the Accused in an Evading Responsibility Case

    A person charged with evading responsibility needs to be honest with their criminal defense lawyer. They will want to be completely forthcoming about what is going on with any Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) situations, e.g., license and registration, valid car insurance. They should also be forthcoming about what they were doing that night and if they had a couple of drinks. An attorney is bound by confidentiality so he is not going to tell the prosecutor or the court the things that are unhelpful to them, but it is important for the defense attorney to know exactly what was going on in their client’s life at the time of the accident.