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    Greenwich Evading Responsibility Defense Strategies

    When creating Greenwich evading responsibility defense strategies, the accused will need to prove they were fully insured at the time of the accident. A capable evading responsibility attorney may also want to establish the reason why the accused did not pull over.  That does happen a lot and it is important to bring that to the prosecutor’s attention as soon as possible, so they can realize it was not a true evading responsibility case, just trying to find a safer spot.

    How Can Previous Convictions Influence Someone’s Defense?

    If a person has any prior criminal record, even if it is not an evading responsibly conviction, they are not going to be eligible for the Pre-Trial Program of Accelerated Rehabilitation, a program for first offenders which would result in the dismissal of the charges if the judge grants it. A person is only eligible for this program if they have never used it before and does not have any prior criminal record.

    A previous conviction would prevent their defense attorney from being able to use that option, that does not mean that the defense attorney cannot work out another option that would involve a plea, but it would more limited.

    If there are other pending charges in Greenwich, that would also influence the Greenwich evading responsibility defense strategies because they would have to defend two cases at once and rest assured, if someone has a pending case and they pick up an evading responsibility arrest, the court will be aware of both cases. The court will likely consolidate the two cases together and the defense attorney will then be fighting both of the charges at the same time.

    Elements of a Prosecutors Hit and Run Case

    The prosecutor always concentrates on the reason that the person left the accident and is probably not going to believe that the person left because they were scared or wanted to find a safer place to pull over. The prosecutor is going to be concentrating on other crimes like not having a valid driver’s license, they were drunk, or the car was not insured. It will be the defense attorney’s job to show them their concerns are not valid.

    Importance of Speaking With a Lawyer

    It is important for the criminal defense attorney to know everything about the accident, before, during and after, because they are going to be the person talking with the prosecutor about the situation and trying to work out the best resolution possible.

    As an example, if their client had been drinking and was drunk, and that was the reason they left the scene of the crime, it will be important to know prior to building Greenwich evading responsibility defense strategies. They would not want the defendant to go on the stand if they could be facing a DUI charge in addition to the evading responsibility charge.

    However, if the defense attorney does not know that the client was drinking and gets into a conversation with the prosecutor being overconfident of their client’s innocence, stating things that are not true or not supported by the fact to the prosecutor and then a witness comes forward in court and states that they saw the client at the bar drinking, things could get a lot worse for the client. The defense attorney needs to know what may be coming and be prepared with a defense for it.