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    Accident Injuries in a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Case

    If a person knows that they were in an accident and that they might have caused either property damage or an injury to another person, they could face either a misdemeanor or a felony evading responsibility charge in Connecticut.

    If a person fails to contact law enforcement on behalf of accident injuries in a Greenwich evading responsibility case, they could be held responsible. Speak with a professional hit and run attorney about defending your rights following a collision.

    Does it Matter Why Someone Left the Scene of an Accident?

    Why a person left the scene of an accident can matter depending on the accident injuries in a Greenwich evading responsibility case. If there was a suspicion that the person has left the scene because they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then the prosecutor and judge will look at the person more harshly than they would if someone left the scene of the accident because they were scared. These factors can matter when the defense attorney is working with the prosecution to try to come to a plea agreement.

    How the Severity of an Injury Can Influence an Evading Responsibility Case

    The severity of accident injuries in a Greenwich evading responsibility case will determine whether the charge is going to be a misdemeanor or a felony. If it is property damage only, then a person is looking at a misdemeanor. If there is injury or death of another person, they are looking at a felony. The prosecutor and the judge are going to take a felony case a lot more seriously, especially if there was an injury to another person. The court will need to see that their injuries have been taken care of, either by insurance or out-of-pocket by the individual, before they will move the case forward.

    Where there is no serious physical injuries, and any minor injuries or property damage are taken care by the defendant upfront. That will increase the chances of someone being able to get community service or a less harsh punishment than jail time in a Greenwich evading responsibility case. The defense attorney could try to make sure to get any out-of-pocket expenses taken care of upfront and that will increase the chances of getting community service or something like that, rather than jail.

    What is the Impact of Being Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs?

    If the defense can establish that the person was not intoxicated at the time of the hit and run, it will be helpful to their case. If the person was intoxicated or if there was suspicion that they were intoxicated, the prosecution is going to look a lot more harshly at the person charged because in their mind they are going to think they should have been charged with a DUI as well as evading responsibility, and they are going to try to treat the punishment like they are charged with both crimes, even though they are not.

    Possibility of Probation or Community Service

    If a person is pleading guilty to accident injuries in a Greenwich evading responsibility case, there is a strong likelihood they can receive probation or a fine instead of jail time in Stamford Superior Court. This is especially probable in cases where there was property damage or medical bills that have been paid for

    These facts will increase the chance that they will not be looking at jail time on an evading responsibility charge. In those cases, where the person is looking at a guilty plea, the defense attorney should work to make sure that any out-of-pocket expenses of the victims are taken care of ahead of time. That will increase the chance that the punishment is the least severe as possible.