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    Criminal Liability in Greenwich Evading Responsibility Cases

    Criminal liability in Greenwich evading responsibility cases can impact the outcome and the perception of the accused. Insurance companies may appear to be cooperative, however, it may be detrimental to one’s case to speak with insurance company representatives without the help of an established hit and run attorney. They can help you prepare goals and your desired outcome when dealing with the potential impact of your policy or the policy of the other party involved.

    What is Liability in Evading Responsibility Cases?

    Criminal liability in Greenwich evading responsibility cases means that a person is technically guilty of a crime. In this scenario, this means that they are getting arrested for evading responsibility and they are in fact guilty of those actions. It will be less likely that the case goes to trial and more likely that the attorney will be trying to work something out with the prosecutor.

    “Working something out” might mean using the Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program or a plea negotiation. When the person is criminally liable, it makes it harder to take the case to trial and it gives a lot more incentive to “work something out” prior to going to trial.

    How Insurance Companies Handle Liability

    In cases where there is an insurance claim need, the insurance company will determine if their insured is liable. Often times they are liable for the damages and the insurance company will pay out to the non-fault party any amounts due and owing to them. The court wants to see the other party taken care of and it is actually helpful to the case.

    In the event that the insurance company is not willing to pay for the non-fault party’s damages and the case goes to trial, if they are found guilty or plead guilty to evading responsibility and admit criminal liability, it will be lot harder for the insurance company to refuse to pay out the money to the damaged party.

    Insurance Company Investigative Process

    Unfortunately, an insurance adjuster can investigate their policyholder as many times as if they suspect criminal liability in Greenwich evading responsibility cases. If someone has 15 accidents, then, unfortunately, that insurance adjuster will probably contact them 15 times.

    Most insurance companies in the State of Connecticut will consider an evading responsibility conviction as being related to an underlying accident. Therefore, the insurance company will be aware of the evading responsibility charge as soon as a claim is made and a determination will be made on both the accident and the charge with the same investigation.

    Possible Bias During an Investigation in Greenwich

    The ability to have an attorney represent a person during an investigation is probably the best safeguard against bias from the insurance company or lack of confidentiality. Having an attorney who is experienced with insurance claims and can walk the person through the process will know exactly what to say and not to say while representing the person’s interest. Having an attorney is definitely the best way to just make sure all their rights are protected.