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    Impact of Greenwich Evading Responsibility Charges on Immigration

    The process of someone from another country facing charges for evading responsibility would be treated with the severity of a regular hit and run case. Meaning, they would still be expected to report to court on their federal court date.

    It would be even more important for the person to speak with a lawyer who can help schedule a convenient time to be traveling to their home country, if necessary. As an attempt to minimize the impact of Greenwich evading responsibility charges on immigration,  bright hit and run attorney could work with a Prosecutor in between court dates to expedite a resolution of the case.

    Immigrant Rights During an Evading Responsibility Investigation

    A person from another country would have the same rights as anyone else during an evading responsibility investigation. Nothing really changes whether they are from the States or from a different country; they can still be placed under arrest. Anyone who is a citizen of another country has the right to notify their Consulate of the arrest who can assist them if they need help, but they would still be subject to the same arrest procedure as anyone from this country.

    Potential Impact of a Person’s Legal Immigration Status

    There would likely be little impact of Greenwich evading responsibility charges on immigration. A person’s immigration status would not limit their ability to refute charges. Their immigration status, whether they are here legally, illegally, or have a green card, does not matter and they are still able to fight the charge of evading responsibility in Greenwich.

    Any charge can affect a person’s visa or green card status. An evading responsibility charge (whether a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the charge) can affect someone’s visa or green card or legal permanent resident application.

    Anytime someone that is not a United States citizen is charged with any crime, they should always seek the advice of an experienced immigration lawyer in Greenwich to make sure that all sections are entered properly and to make sure they have the best advice possible before going into court.

    Understanding the Process of Challenging a Hit and Run Charge

    If the person claims they are innocent and did not have a hit and run or leave the scene of an accident, they have the right to a trial. In that case, they would plead not guilty and preserve the right to a jury trial. They will be entitled to have a jury trial in Stamford Superior Court with their attorney and fight the charges and at that time they will be able to call witnesses in their defense, cross-examine the Police Officer and any other of the State witnesses, and allowed to maintain their innocence throughout that trial.