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    Greenwich Evading Responsibility Alternative Sentencing Options

    Facing evading responsibility charges can be stressful when considering sentencing and possible outcomes of one’s case. Therefore, it may give you peace of mind to discuss possible Greenwich evading responsibility alternative sentencing options with a skilled hit and run attorney right away.

    What is Expungement of One’s Record?

    A person’s record can have an evading responsibility expunged from their record in two different ways. The person successfully completes the Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program (“AR” or “AR Program”) and is the case is dismissed and expunged like it never happened. If the disposition worked out between the defense attorney and the prosecutor is nolled (the prosecutor dropped the charges), this will also eventually be expunged as well.

    Expected Time Frame for Record Expungement

    The time frame for expunging someone’s record depends on the individual’s case. If the person is granted the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program and successfully completes it, then because of the Connecticut Erasure Statute, after the case is dismissed (like the case never happened; the person actually can swear under oath that they have been never arrested once the case is dismissed).

    If the case is nolled (will no longer be prosecuted by the prosecutor). Thirteen months after nolle is entered by the prosecutor, the nolle converts into a dismissal. On that date, the same law applies with the Connecticut erasure Statute which states that a person can then swear under oath that they have been arrested.

    Likelihood of a Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program

    Possible Greenwich evading responsibility alternative sentencing options include rehab programs ordered by a judge. Any case that is from Greenwich Police Department will go to the Stamford Superior Court. Those persons who have not been in trouble before will have the opportunity to apply for the Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program there.

    If the judge grants the Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program, its terms will consist of staying out of trouble for the most part. Other terms and conditions of the AR Program might include not driving a motor vehicle unless they are properly licensed and insured.

    Rehab Program Application Process

    If there is a suspicion that alcohol or drugs might have been involved, another condition of the AR Program might be to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and treatment. In some cases, especially with younger drivers, the judge may also order, as a condition of the AR, that they complete some community service hours. All of the conditions are within the discretion of the judge.

    Once a person applies for the Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program (AR or AR Program) their case will become sealed, meaning that none of the information will be available to the public. Nobody will be able to look up their docket number on the judicial website to see what the charges are or be able to request information from the courthouse regarding the person’s charges.

    Role of the Freedom of Information Act in Hit and Run Cases

    The Freedom of Information Act is a mechanism by which people can request any public information related to someone’s arrest. As an example, if somebody was trying to get a police report related to an accident, they could submit a request through the Freedom of Information Act directly to the Greenwich Police Department for any reports or warrants related to a specific incident and receive copies of those documents.

    Because the Freedom of Information Act allows people to obtain copies of public records related to another person, it is possible that somebody could get copies of a report related to a person’s arrest and even if the case ends up getting dismissed or resolved, they still have a copy of those documents because they were obtained prior to the dismissal. Obtaining information about your arrest or the charges against you could help you and your attorney better assess whether Greenwich evading responsibility alternative sentencing options are for you.