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    Impact on Insurance Following a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Conviction

    Insurance companies often have access to criminal history such as hit and run convictions. Even if there were no claims filed as part of the initial underlying accident related to an evading responsibility charge, the insurance company can still find out about it, and will still find out if the person is convicted. The potential impact on insurance a Greenwich evading responsibility conviction could be by rate or policy. It could be critical to speak with a skilled evading responsibility attorney if you are facing penalties for a hit and run accusation.

    Possible Changes in Insurance Policy

    Once that happens, the person’s auto insurance rates might go up if they have a substantial moving violation history on their driving record, or their insurance carrier might try to drop them from coverage. If an individual was going to see an insurance premium payment increase, they would see when they went to renew their auto insurance policy.

    If it is a six-month policy, that is when their insurance carrier will take a look their file, check for any moving violations or vehicle crime within the past six months, and if there has been activity, the individual can likely expect their premium payments to increase with their renewal.

    Determining Factors for One’s Insurance Policy

    When determining a person’s policy, the insurance company always considers the individual’s driving history, accident history and if there was a history of traffic infractions. These traffic infractions could include:

    • Speeding
    • Traveling unreasonably fast
    • Following another car too closely

    This information is typically all used to determine if this person is a safe driver. The more of those past incidents the person has, the more likely that either their premiums will go up or they will eventually lose coverage.

    Likelihood of Losing Insurance Due to an Evading Responsibility Conviction

    It would be rare and unfortunate for an insurance company to cancel a person’s auto policy on the first evading responsibility offense. It is not likely that they would cancel their policy if there was not an arrest and or a conviction especially. However, if the person is convicted of evading responsibility and had prior moving violations or auto accidents, then the chances of the auto insurance company canceling the person’s plan altogether would increase.

    It is not common for the auto insurance company to cancel their policy just after the investigation. Typically what comes with the evading responsibility investigation is an accident, whether it is only the insurer’s own car involved, or whether someone else’s property was damaged, or if no car was damaged.

    In most of those scenarios, someone will make a claim to the insured person’s insurance company. The insurance company will already be aware of the accident, regardless of what happened with the court case. It is rare but possible, that the insurance company would cancel their policy based on the first time offense.

    Challenging an Insurance Company’s Decision to Terminate a Policy

    There is no law that requires an insurance company to provide insurance to a particular person. However, if a person’s insurance gets canceled, their insurance agent or an insurance broker could offer them options in an attempt to obtain insurance coverage on their vehicle. For example, maybe a Defense Safe Driving Class, a Driver Retraining Class, or perhaps a probationary period. There are other ways to try to keep coverage by filing directly with the insurance company.

    Can Someone Reapply for After Insurance Cancellation?

    A person can reapply for coverage after cancellation or other form of impact on insurance a Greenwich evading responsibility conviction. Even if one insurance company cancels a policy, it is totally possible that another insurance company will cover them. Obviously, the other insurance company will be able to take into account the fact that the first policy was canceled by another insurance company.

    The will take into account whatever was underlying that cancellation, whether there was an accident, a conviction, or moving violations, and they can consider all of that when they decide what their premium is going to be. It will likely be substantially higher than someone with a clean driving history.

    How Can an Attorney Help

    The lawyer can represent a person who has suffered the impact on insurance a Greenwich evading responsibility conviction. The lawyer can step in and be the person’s voice when dealing with the insurance company. What the lawyer is going to need to is a release from the person giving them permission to speak with the insurance company and their lawyer about the canceled policy. The lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company in an attempt to prevent them from canceling coverage on the potential client’s policy.