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    Wilton Spousal Abuse Lawyer

    Were you accused of domestic violence? A Wilton spousal abuse lawyer could evaluate your situation, explain the potential ramifications, and work towards a positive resolution.

    What is Family Violence in Wilton?

    Spousal abuse and other situations arising from domestic disputes are treated as “family violence” under Connecticut law. Many criminal offenses may be considered family violence if they occur between people who are or have been in a domestic relationship as defined by Connecticut General Statute (C.G.S.) § 46b-38a.

    These relationships include spouses, former spouses, couples who are currently dating or who were recently in a dating relationship, and couples who have parented a child together, even if they never lived together.

    When violence or threatened violence occurs between these individuals, the laws consider the circumstances to be domestic or family violence. Wilton spousal abuse lawyers know that police treat family violence situations differently, and courts frequently dispense protective orders that may contain extremely restrictive terms.

    Do Courts Issue Protective Orders in Spousal Abuse Cases?

    Yes. Courts may issue both civil and criminal protective orders in Wilton spousal abuse cases. The terms of the orders may vary considerably. Some orders prohibit all contact between the parties involved. Other orders may allow some communication but could require one party to vacate the family home.

    Criminal courts routinely issue criminal protective orders during criminal proceedings involving spousal abuse crimes, which could include assault, sex crimes, and many others. The order may remain in effect only for the duration of proceedings, or the court could issue a standing protective order that continues for much longer. If a partner or former partner believes they are in danger, they can ask the civil court for a civil restraining order against the person who supposedly poses a threat.

    Regardless of whether a protective order is issued by a criminal or civil court, it is critical to comply with all the terms. Violation of any type of protective order is a separate felony offense.

    A Wilton spousal abuse lawyer may be able to negotiate less burdensome terms in some situations. At the very least, an attorney could help ensure that the person against whom the order is issued understands how to comply with the terms.

    What are the Penalties for Spousal Abuse in Wilton?

    Because many different criminal offenses could be prosecuted as spousal abuse, the potential penalties range widely in severity. Some crimes that may be treated as spousal abuse or family violence include:

    Misdemeanor offenses are punishable by no more than one year in jail and a fine of no more than $2,000. Felony convictions, on the other hand, carry much lengthier prison sentences, harsher fines, and / or terms of probation. A Wilton spousal abuse lawyer could analyze the facts of your case and seek alternative penalties whenever possible.

    Consult an Experienced Wilton Spousal Abuse Attorney

    In addition to the potential for criminal penalties, a conviction for spousal abuse brings many other undesirable consequences. The offense becomes a matter of public record visible to anyone who conducts a background search. Having spousal abuse on your record could interfere with employment, housing, and other aspects of life for years to come.

    It is a good idea to consult an experienced Wilton spousal abuse lawyer as soon as possible after allegations of abuse arise. A dedicated defense attorney could help you protect your rights, avoid missteps such as violations of protective orders, and fight to reach a positive outcome in your case. Check out what our past clients have to say about working with us here, and call Mark Sherman Law today for a consultation.