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    Wilton Drug Lawyer

    If you have just been arrested and charged with a drug crime, it is in your best interest to hire top legal representation. A trusted Wilton drug lawyer with a track record of fighting for favorable case results can ensure you understand your legal rights and advise what your best-case options are.

    What Are the Categories of Drugs Crimes?

    Not all drug offenses are created equal. Federal and state laws vary, and within the two arenas the penalties for the offenses can vary significantly. Federal law classifies drugs into multiple schedules based on their likelihood of misuse and addiction. In the state of Connecticut, penalties of these offenses vary by the location of the alleged crime, the kind of drug involved, and whether the accused individual has been convicted of prior controlled substance violations, among a multitude of factors.

    It is prudent to contact a Wilton attorney after being charged with drug crimes such as possession of marijuana, possession of a hallucinogen, selling narcotics, prescription forgery, possessing a controlled substance in a banned location, or possessing paraphernalia. Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 21a-240 outlines the various types of drug crimes and illegal substances included in the state’s controlled substance laws.

    How Is Marijuana Possession Sentenced?

    If you are charged for possessing marijuana in Connecticut, the maximum fine amounts range from $1,000 for under four ounces to $2,000 for possessing more than four ounces of the substance. If convicted, you can spend up to 12 months in confinement for a first-time conviction for having less than four ounces of marijuana, or as much as five years incarcerated if convicted of possessing over four ounces of the drug.

    What Sentences Can I Face for a Hallucinogenic-Related Conviction?

    Possession of a hallucinogenic drug would mean a maximum prison term of five years for first-time offenders, in addition to fines. Bear in mind that the penalties increase if you have been convicted of a drug crime before.

    By far, the penalties associated with narcotic possession are among the highest of all. For example, even if you were allegedly caught with cocaine and have never been convicted of a drug crime before, you can still be punished by a $50,000 fine and seven years in prison.

    What Are Common Penalties for Possession of a Drug with Intent to Sell?

    Another primary drug offense is possession with intent to sell. A drug attorney in Wilton can help you if you are accused of using and/or intending to sell a controlled substance. Being convicted for possession of just one ounce of heroin with intent to sell it, for example, requires you to serve at least five years in jail upon a conviction. If, however, you are convicted a second time of possession of heroin with intent to sell, you can face up to lifetime incarceration.

    Get Help from a Wilton Drug Attorney

    If you have been charged with a narcotics offense, you may feel frightened and unsure about how to protect yourself against these charges. A skilled Wilton drug lawyer who is familiar with the state and federal controlled substance laws can help you understand what the consequences of your charges may be and whether it may be possible to get a reduction or dismissal of your charges. Contact Mark Sherman Law today to schedule your consultation.