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    Wilton Failure to Appear Lawyer

    A Wilton failure to appear lawyer could assist in making your case for leniency if you have missed a court appearance. Working with a top-rated criminal defense lawyer to address the issue can help you avoid complications and reach a positive outcome from the situation.

    What Are Some Penalties for a Missed Court Date?

    The severity of the penalties is determined by the classification of the crime. Failure to appear can be either a Class D felony or a Class A misdemeanor depending on the underlying charges.

    When failure to appear is a Class A misdemeanor, those convicted may be imprisoned for up to one year. In addition, they may be fined in an amount up to $2,000.

    In cases where failure to appear is treated as a Class D felony, the term of imprisonment may be as long as five years. Moreover, the person convicted may be required to pay a fine of up to $5,000. A Wilton attorney could seek alternative sentencing or other concessions from the court in a failure to appear case.

    When is Failure to Appear a Felony?

    When someone is released on bail after being charged with a felony, and they willfully miss court when legally called, then they may be found guilty to felony failure to appear under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-172.

    Additionally, when someone has been convicted of a felony and released on probation, if the court calls a hearing for an alleged probation violation and the person on probation fails to appear, then they may also be found guilty of failure to appear.

    Penalties for missing a court appearance are levied in addition to any consequences involved in the original case. Felony failure to appear is also referred to as an offense in the first degree.

    Could a Failure to Appear Be Charged as a Misdemeanor?

    The misdemeanor version of failure to appear is almost identical to the felony version. What differentiates the two is the severity of the underlying offense.

    When someone misses a court appearance after being charged with a misdemeanor or traffic violation, then their failure to appear crime is treated as a misdemeanor rather than a felony. This offense may be much more severe than the original misdemeanor crime or traffic offense. Prompt intervention by a lawyer in Wilton could make a substantial difference in the outcome after being charged with failure to appear.

    Consult a Wilton Failure to Appear Attorney

    A court is much more likely to believe that your absence was accidental and not willful if you admit your absence and offer an explanation voluntarily rather than waiting until you are arrested. In many cases, you won’t even know a warrant is out for your arrest and these warrants can remain in the system for years.

    A Wilton failure to appear lawyer could work with the court to help resolve the issue so that you can move forward with confidence. Call Mark Sherman Law today to learn more.