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    Wilton Resisting Arrest Lawyer

    Were you arrested in Wilton for resisting arrest or interfering with an officer? Working with a Wilton resisting arrest lawyer may be vital in avoiding or minimizing the chance of a negative outcome in your case.

    What is Resisting Arrest in Wilton?

    Connecticut Statutes uses the term “interfering with an officer” to refer to resisting arrest. Individuals face arrest for interfering with an officer whenever they obstruct, resist, hinder, or endanger a peace officer or firefighter while said officer is in performing their official duties.

    What Actions or Behaviors Underlie Resisting Arrest Charges?

    The statutory language is broad. Pushing or shoving, kicking, spitting on, wrestling with, or even verbally abusing an officer can all lead to an interfering arrest. Essentially, any conduct that prevents or makes it more difficult for police officers or firefighters to do their job may constitute resistance or interference with an officer. A lawyer in Wilton could help someone charged with resisting arrest.

    Is Intent an Element of Interfering with an Officer?

    Yes. Individuals must intentionally commit interference with an officer to be guilty of the offense. In other words, they must know that the persons with whom they are interfering are officers carrying out their official duties. However, as a resisting arrest attorney in Wilton may advise, these official duties do not have to be traditional police work. You can still get arrested for interfering with an officer who is performing security work, crowd control, and traffic safety duties.

    What are the Consequences of a Resisting Arrest Conviction in Wilton?

    Generally, interference with a police officer is a Class A misdemeanor offense, which carries a maximum one-year jail sentence, a three-year sentence of probation, a $2,000 fine, or any combination of the three.

    If the conduct results in severe injury or death, however, interference with an officer can be raised to a Class D felony. A felony conviction can result in a prison sentence of one to five years, a $5,000 fine, or both. Additionally, felony conviction have many consequences beyond the courthouse and are often required to be disclosed on housing, credit, employment, and educational applications.

    Call a Wilton Resisting Arrest Attorney for Advice

    Overcoming charges for interfering with an officer, especially when it is your word against that of a police officer, can be difficult to achieve alone. The breadth of this statute allows the police a great deal of discretion in deciding to charge individuals with this offense.  A Wilton resisting arrest lawyer can advocate on your behalf, providing the court with evidence that your actions did not amount to this offense.

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