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    Wilton Police Investigation Lawyer

    If the police have contacted you and accused you of committing a crime, the best way to protect your rights is to contact a Wilton police investigation lawyer for advice immediately.

    Should I Cooperate with a Police Investigation?

    While you may want to be helpful to police, you risk compromising your rights when you speak to them without first getting the legal advice that you need. Wilton authorities may question you in hopes you will give them the information they need to charge you with a crime. A Wilton police investigation attorney can play a crucial role in helping you avoid self-incrimination.

    Can an Attorney Help Before Police Charge Me with a Crime?

    Yes. All too often people delay contacting an attorney until it is too late. They fail to make that critical call to get legal advice until they have been arrested and formally charged with a crime. However, delays can be detrimental to a criminal defense, so contacting a police investigation lawyer in Wilton as early as possible is highly advisable.

    Do I Have to Speak to Wilton Police Officers?

    No. You are not required to speak with the police. Unless you have been arrested, you have no obligation to meet with the police, answer questions, or volunteer any information. You also have the right to refuse a search of your person, vehicle, or home in the absence of a valid warrant.

    If the police contact you about an investigation or a possible crime, your first call should be to legal counsel. Otherwise, you may jeopardize your rights and make it easier for police to obtain evidence in support of criminal charges.

    How Can a Wilton Lawyer Help During an Investigation?

    Legal counsel may be able to advocate on your behalf in any criminal investigation. They may be able to point out deficiencies in the evidence against you and raise various defenses. By taking these steps while an investigation is ongoing, you may be able to negotiate reduced charges, become subject to lesser penalties, or avoid criminal prosecution altogether.

    Police officers often seize upon the smallest detail, comment, or piece of evidence to initiate the procedures necessary to charge individuals with a crime. No matter how careful people try to be in their interactions with police, they often do not realize the damage they may be doing to their ability to raise defenses in the future.

    Call a Wilton Police Investigation Attorney for Advice

    If police consider you a person of interest or want to question you about a crime, you should proceed with caution. Without getting advice from an attorney, you may risk incriminating yourself and giving up important legal rights. A Wilton police investigation lawyer can help ensure that police officers follow the law in their investigation and work to defend you against accusations of criminal activity.

    When you have a strong legal advocate on your side, you can avoid the harassment and pressure tactics that are common among police investigators looking for answers. Getting the services of legal counsel early in the process may even prevent an arrest in some cases. To learn how a Wilton police investigation attorney can help in your case, call Mark Sherman Law.