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    Wilton Fake ID Sentencing Outcomes

    With fake ID and forgery charges, the potential penalties change based on the age of a person. If a juvenile is caught with a fake ID, they would go to juvenile court. It is still technically the same penalty, but the case would be handled differently than if they were being charged as an adult.

    A trusted fake ID attorney could help someone seek out appropriate Wilton fake ID sentencing outcomes by reviewing the police report with them and discussing all the possibilities in the case, like whether or not the case could go to trial and whether or not the person should try to get into the accelerated rehabilitation program.

    Fake ID Sentencing Penalties

    The potential Wilton fake ID sentencing outcomes change if a person was creating or distributing fake IDs. Based on how many IDs were produced, the person could be charged with multiple counts of forgery charge. If it goes to juvenile court, they take it seriously, but it is a different process than if goes adult court.

    The most severe penalties for a felony fake ID charge in an adult court is a conviction for a Class D misdemeanor, up to five years in prison, up to three years on probation, and up to a $5,000 fine. There is a possibility to be sentenced to community service instead of jail time. It depends on the facts of the case and the person being charged.

    Potential Probation and Rehab Programs

    It is possible to get probation instead of jail time.  This typically happens through negotiations between an attorney and the prosecutor. An accelerated rehabilitation program is a first time offender diversionary program in Connecticut that is designed for people charged with certain crimes and charged with a crime for the first time. It gives them an avenue to get their case dismissed so that they could walk away without a criminal record.

    If the Wilton fake ID sentencing outcomes do not seem promising, there might option of accelerated rehabilitation program. For example, if they are caught possessing a fake ID and it is the first time that they have ever been arrested, they would be eligible for the program and would choose to do the program if they want their case to go away as quickly as possible.

    There are a few other outcomes someone might face in a fake ID case. A person could take their case to trial if they are pleading innocent. A person might plead guilty to the charge because they have a criminal record. The case may be just dropped depending on the aspects of the police report or the arrest.

    What are Conditional and Unconditional Discharges?

    A conditional discharge is when someone pleads guilty in criminal court. After a certain amount of time or conditions set by the judge, the case is dismissed and the guilty plea is vacated.  An unconditional discharge is when someone pleads to a crime.

    If a person is facing additional Wilton fake ID sentencing outcomes for related charges, they may be combined into one court case and disposed of with a global resolution. For example, they could use the accelerated rehabilitation program to take care of all the charges.

    Likelihood of Fake ID Charge Dismissal

    A person might be able to get their charges dismissed if they successfully complete the accelerated rehabilitation program, if they went to trial and got acquitted, or if the state’s attorney decides to dismiss the case based on a constitutional violation or an illegal arrest. Some ways an arresting officer could violate someone’s constitutional rights is by not properly reading them their Miranda rights or by conducting an illegal search and seizure.

    After the fake ID arrest is dismissed, the person could swear under oath in Connecticut that they have never been arrested. There is a way to scrub the arrest from the internet once the case is dismissed. Law firms handle these cases by reaching out to publications. They argue with them that now that the case is dismissed any publication of the arrest is no longer true so it becomes per defamatory.

    Someone would speak to a lawyer about getting fake ID charges dismissed when they want the case to go away as quickly as possible. If they are applying for a job, they are on a team at Yale University, or they are going to be applying for job soon, it is important that the arrest is no longer on their record.